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The automotive industry is renowned for the excellence of its quality organisation and the high demands it makes on its top-tier suppliers. Supplying parts produced in medium to large series, on a just-in-time basis and at PPM rates under 10, is now common among top-tier car makers and their suppliers of primary parts.

The continuous search for energy efficiency, pollution reduction and lightness involves the increasing use of light alloys such as aluminium. The pressure-casting process produces parts that are very close to the finish dimensions, in large quantities and with high repeatability. Most suppliers integrate machining operations and inspections requested by automotive specifications and thus ensure continuous improvement for their customers.

Many components under engine bonnets and in passenger compartments are now made of aluminium poured under pressure. This applies to components for gearboxes, EGR valves, filter materials, electrical boxes, computer boxes, thermostats, heating and ventilation systems, regulators, etc...

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