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About us



About us


Our company

The mission of Repinco is to promote and commercialize on the territories she was entrusted with, products and processes of companies for which it works.






Our history

Founded in 1981, the company Repinco was managed during 27 years by Jean-Paul LEYNAUD before being taken over by Marc PESCHEUX in the continuation of an activity that had the reputation of a structure known throughout the French territory for its skills in terms of forges and foundries. 



Our mission

Specialists of the forge and foundry, we wanted to create this website to promote the trades for which we work with passion and answer online to questions we ask ourselves regularly.

That's why, we wish to develop it to answer your expectations and observaations.

Material that we have not listed? Specific characteristics (conductivity, corrosion or other) expected? Contact us in order for us to look for the best answer to your needs.