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Investment Casting steel and stainless steel

The investment casting or lost-wax foundry, with reasonably priced tooling for series from a few dozen to several thousand, meets needs otherwise covered by bent-welded assemblies, screwed mechanical assemblies, stamped and remanufactured parts, parts designed for 3D printers.

You don't have to work in the aeronautics or medical industry to benefit from this investment casting process. Applications such as locksmithing call for lost-wax casting, regardless of the volume of the part, in very small series, to mass production. Nuclear power is finding in the lost-wax foundry a revival for the power plant ranges of tomorrow. Craftsmen who have a beautiful product and who want to increase in quantities without radically transforming their organization use lost wax. Energy, whether electric in all new forms of production or oil, finds in the lost-wax foundry possibilities for improvement.

We produce parts from 20g to 25kg in Italy.

Lost wax foundry is a local profession for those who want to make more industrial a production that required several phases of assembly and machining or polishing. It is also important when you want to control the production chain and traceability. It is once again so when we are looking for a company that has put substantial industrial resources into finding productivity gains and to considerably reduce the share of labor in a process that has followed the same rules since antiquity.

Materials used in Investment Casting steel and stainless steel