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Aluminium die-casting

In a machine for die-casting aluminium by pressure injection, the alloy is first melted then rapidly injected by a piston into a metal mould. Cooling occurs in seconds through heat exchange with the walls of the mould while the piston maintains the required pressure.

Aluminium pressure injection produces accurate dimensions, very close to the finished dimensions, thereby minimizing subsequent milling or machining. The tool can have multiple imprints and then it is possible to produce a large number of pieces at high productivity.



Despite a certain degree of normal wear on the mould due to repeated injection of material under pressure at high temperature, aluminium pressure injection allows complex shapes to be produced at low cost.

This process is particularly suitable for producing primary parts for cars, household appliances, and electrical and electronic components.

Aluminium alloys offer weight advantages and the raw material can be nearly infinitely recycled with no waste.


Materials used in Aluminium die-casting