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Investment casting or lost wax foundry of all ferrous materials specialized in stainless steel.

Investment investment casting is able to meet your needs and is extremely effective for designs designed for 3D printing. Since its creation, our Italian partner has made its know-how available to industries in a wide range of sectors such as locksmithing, small gear parts, sports equipment but also valve bodies, equipment for the food industry, luxury goods with an integrated polishing department.


The advantages of investment casting:

- Savings on machining due to a general tolerance of 6% on the nominal dimension or according to the JS13 standard

- Freedom of form almost as important as in 3D printing or additive manufacturing

- Industrial tools for mass-production of parts with minimal rework by machining to the point of completely eliminating them

- Small-batch manufacturing: flexibility is the key word of our partner. You can industrialize your production where others require you to have minimum quantities that are much higher than your actual needs.

- Viable alternative to stamping, forging, forging in general in the case of series of less than 20,000 pieces per year with launches that can be only one-piece if that is your need.



- Parts weighing a few grams at less than 25 kg (limit to be checked depending on the design of your parts)

- In the case of very small series, the price of metal tools for the injection of waxes has a strong impact on the price of your parts, but it will in any case remain lower than that of tools for the injection or forging of metals.