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Forgiatura Marcora


Forgiatura Marcora produces open die forging parts in carbon steels, alloyed steels, stainless, duplex, super- duplex and super-alloys, heat treated, rough or finish machined and inspected, from about 100 Kg up to a maximum unit weight of approximately 30 tons and a length of 8 meters.


55 people work at Forgiatura Marcora with agents and collaborators in Italy and abroad. The different steels that make the large stock (over 4.000 tons) allows Forgiatura Marcora to offer its customers a wide range of products used in applications of the main industrial sectors.


Over the years the company has gained recognized expertise and developed its production capacity with new and modern equipment, reaching in this way a yearly production of about 10.000 tons of forged products.


Since 1998 the company has been certified by Bureau Veritas to a Quality Management System ISO 9001.